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Champion Beer of Britain

Online voting for CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain 2019

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The winners of the 2018 Champion Beer of Britain award were announced on the opening day of the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia London.

Congratulations to all the finalists breweries, especially those crowned Supreme Champions:

Gold: Siren Brewery - Broken Dream Breakfast Sout, a stout with a deep and complex blend of chocolate, coffee and a touch of smoke.

Silver: Green Jack - Ripper, a strong barley wine, sweet and warming with soft and fruity flavours.

Bronze: Mordue - Workie Ticket, a blend of malts and hops, accompanied by a long, satisfying, bitter finish.

Now it is time for you to consider the beers you want to nominate for the next Champion Beer of Britain (CBoB) competition.

All CAMRA members have the chance to nominate beers from their local area via the CBoB voting website. The winners from this area competition are put forward as finalists to the national Champion Beer of Britain competition at the Great British Beer Festival and the National Winter Ales Festival.

You will be able to make nominations from now until 01 November 2018. After the closing date, no further nominations or changes are possible.

There are 11 categories for the competition: Milds; Bitter; Best Bitters; Strong Bitters; Golden Ales; Specialty Beers; Old Ales and Strong Milds; Porters; Stouts; Barley Wines and Strong Old Ales; and Real Ales in a Bottle.

You can nominate up to five beers (in order of preference) in each of the 11 categories to be put forward for the CBoB competition, but if you only want to nominate beers in one category, or even just one beer, that's fine. The more votes we get, the better the results will be.

You do not have to nominate all the beers in one go. You can alter your selections anytime up to the deadline on 1st November.

Not all beers are eligible for CBoB; mainstream beer styles like Bitters, Best Bitters, Strong Bitters & Golden Ales have to be available for at least 7 months of the year. Other beer styles have to be available for a lesser period depending on the rarity and seasonality of the beer style.

Note that nominations which select the same beer more than once within a category will be considered as "spoiled papers" and will not be counted.

The CBoB voting system gives every CAMRA member the opportunity to have a say in who wins and becomes CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain, so don't moan about which beers get judged at GBBF, get involved and vote for your favourites.

Remember the deadline! The nomination period runs until 1st November 2018. The winners of the 2019 award will be announced at The Great British Beer Festival next year!